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Default Re: Is this speed possible ???

it's possible, but...

what other mods to the engine have you done?

what kind of bike?

tire size?

your weight?

flat ground?


there's a lot of factors. a well built bike with a lightweight rider can get into the 40's (or faster) but if all you've done is change the sprocket, it's unlikely.

my first bike was a stock 26" cruiser with a 36 and i got 38mph.

my race bike is a heavily modified china engine on 20" wheels with a 36 and it tops out at 43.

my old 26" with an insanely modified motor and a 28t blew up at 62.

aleman witnessed it at 54.

i've seen and had bikes easily go over 40, but they've all had a lot of work done to them.

all that being said, you mighta got what i call a "lucky motor." sometimes you'll get one that goes fast right outta the box.
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