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Default Re: BoyGoFast 415h chain, anybody bought one?

I recently filed the teeth, the sprocket is warped though. A member here sent me a spare, but for some reason its not lining up with the chain properly, so I have to go back to the original until I can afford another. I dont often get to spend a lot of money on my bike, since I dont have a job. Why do you think I plan to make a sprocket mount out of fiberglass? cant afford a real sprocket adapter. may not even be able to afford fiberglass materials this month, so im gonna be stuck using the crappy old warped sprocket and plain old rag joint. I do have two brand new rags that another member gave me, and im getting some nylon lock nuts, but that might be it for this month. Im trying to get by on an almost non-existent budget. Im lucky the bike even runs when it does, which its not atm.
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