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Default Re: 110cc CVT transmission cheap!

I just read 7.5 hp. Also you'd need to strap a battery on your bike as well unless you run a battery eliminator. How much weight do you really want to put on a bike. I suggest you get a motorcycle. I'm not being a smart alic, I just mean that I love riding a 1000cc touring bike as well as a 250 street bike and my motorbicycle but all are fun for different reasons and on different levels. My personal opinion is that 75cc's is about the max that any bike frame can safely handle.

That motor is actually 7.5hp, the china girl chengines are not as powerful as claimed (not that I've tested one but drawing from experience). It is pretty standard engineering where humans are concerned for equipment to be able to handle 1.5 times the amount they are rated for. Example if a lift chain is rated for 1000 lbs then it will actually lift 1500 w/o fatigue; a ladder rated for 250 will handle 375 etc. An athlete can generate 1.4hp in bursts and maintain maybe .8 hp for extended periods. So clearly we are already pushing the fatigue limits. I just don't want anyone hurt, so be careful!
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