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Default Re: Yet another forum for yet another project. In 4 help from southern Minnesota

board track racer is now more commonly referred to as a period style than as a frame style, although there are some who do build true board track frames. That is not a board track frame, it is a cruiser frame as I stated earlier. There are different variations of cruiser frames, cantilever being a type where the chainstays become double tubes running up to the head tube. that frame is not a cantilever frame, but i do not know what it is called. it is a cruiser though. and the springer forks are also for cruisers, not correct for board trackers. board trackers have different forks. just saying if you want to build a board tracker, build a board tracker. if you want to copy the bike in the picture you linked to, its not a board tracker. Board trackers, or board track racers, were named for the type of track they were driven on, which was literally made of wooden planks. Board track racing was popular in the 1900's and 1920's, and all sorts of vehicles were raced on them, from bicycles to early motorcycles to even automobiles. Due to the increasing steepness of the tracks, there were many fatalities of both competitors and spectators. board track racing was largely banned in the US because of fatalities. The bike you linked the picture of could not even be called board track inspired. if you do a google image search for board track racer, you should be able to see why.
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