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Default Re: Stupid clutch slips no matter what I do; flower bolt adjustment Q's.. aarg!

it might not be your clutch that has a problem. a few years ago, i noticed the starting on my engine becomes more difficult, then clutch starts to slip. So I opened up the engine and carbon has deposited on the piston rings. Try to decarbonize your cylinder. you can find some info on the web about this. Usually the recommended decarbonizing for 2 stroke engines is every 100 hrs of usage. another thing you might wanna try is getting a fish scale or any hanging weighing scale and try to measure at what weight the engine starts to turnover. This also depends on your sprocket configuration and pedals length so it's not always the same for all MB's. I measured mine at around 20kg or less. if greater than that, the clutch starts to slip, so it's also like a protection to prevent damage to your pedals or other parts. After decarbonizing, clutch does not slip anymore, and engine runs better.

Another thing is the oil seal, if the oil seal is leaking, as you will notice inside the clutch gears is very oily, and the engine sometimes behaves like it cannot idle, or is at high RPM. Just replace the oil seal, and clean the clutch pads, and should be ok.
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