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Default Re: Me and my bee

After several days of riding I have grown to love this little engine. I'm pedaling up hills but that's ok. I recon if you don't have hills where you live this would be a perfect kit (I'm looking at you, Oklahoma). My only issue is with the's a little sloppy. Easily fixed. Some folks may be able to slap it on and ride but for best results, futz with it. Take your time and figure what works best. I was disapointed at first but once I realized what it can and can't do I have learned to truly enjoy this kit.
What it can't do:
Take off from a dead stop
Go over 30mph (I top at 26, but I'm 215lbs. You skinny folks may go faster)
Climb steep hills by itself.
What it can do:
Take you about 18 or so mph average on somewhat hilly terrain, 20+ plus on a long flat stretch.
Start every time
Get you from point a to point be without a lot of sweat
Turn heads, make people smile, make bikers laugh, make cyclists roll their eyes, get you to the coffee shop, the record store, the hardware store, the farmers market or the office in style.

I hope my reviews and info were helpful. When I originally googled bumble bee bolt on, I didn't get much info. I'm glad I rolled the dice.
I don't work for them, I'm just a satisfied coustomer.
I have a need for slightly increased speed
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