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Default Re: Seattle area motorbicyclists with shop?


I now have a happy time, but am looking to go ground up and something more relable, faster, and perhaps more economical. I prefer to keep it as light as possible and, as a former bike racer, I would like it not to look so clunky.

As for wheels, I like the Mavic straight pull spokes as they are incredibly strong and light. Since they are straight pull, they will not break at the heads.

Is a cvt transmission possible or would a jackshaft be the way to go? I am guessing the jack shaft is more efficient.

There are a number of projects I would like to try. A fully shelled trike that is aerodynamic but still has a simple shell (coroplast or something similiar)

My friend commutes on his electric bike, but how great it would be to not be completely exposed to the weather.

Anyway, thanks for the reply. I am constantly coming up with ideas with no way to implement them

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