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Default Re: New and confused

My own advice: DO start witha 2 Cycle China Girl- sounds like you have read some snooty nonsense. It is the basics- you can change things around from there- my own first build took almost three years to reach it's present incarnatation.

The china girls fit between the cranks without changing them- 4 strokers are wider - you may opt for one with experience- after 3 1/2 years I still have two 2 stroke builds

A cruiser DOES give you better clerarnces- for the motor chain and the frame- I like to forego the chain tensioner, and a cruiser may be the only kind of fframe you can do that. The longer top bar gets the tank forward and out of the way for any normal peddaling- I do quite a bit with the motor shut off.

I think a freewheel hub is easiest to mount the motor sprocket on- some are "grooved" and have a stop, as if they are made for that- notable EXCEPTION- schwinn, but sproket hole still fits OVER the hub with no modification. Still then, you have to set up two handbrakes, unless it's already built with multi-speeds- Still you can use any freewheel wheel or hub, and use just a single gear freewheel. One of my builds is like that, the other was a 7 speed cruiser (Micargi) with a multi-freewheel

good luck
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