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Default New and confused

I am interested in learnign about 2 stroke motors and building my first project to get me to my local community college and work.

I was wanting to use a cruiser, but do mountain bikes offer any other benefits with their gears? I live in Nebraska so it is fairly flat and little to no hills and inclines.

A long the lines as kits go I have read endlessly dont buy the chinese motors, but is there a way to differentiate them from the Japanese versions? What makes an "80cc" Kit from Sick Bike Parts different than Bike Berry?

I have noticed on some of the sites they offer a lot of "performance" items, do these things make a difference? Some of which are "CNS high performance carburetor" "Dual Boost Bottle" Different sprocket sizes, different intakes and manifolds.

Even some of the other items out there, is it worth buying a kit if I would want to end up replacing half of it for better parts?

I would really appreciate the help guys, I dont want to get my first project done and look back and realize all these things I could have done.
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