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Default Re: What's up? From the Smoky Mountians.

I've only just started, and I have no idea what I'm doing. But starting with the basics, I'm checking and fixing up my old bicycle from storage.

Between resources and what I can afford, I bought a pocket motorcycle off a kid and I'm stipping it to use what I can salvage and replace what I can't. TB-02, 49cc engine. Pull start won't retract the rope, and I've watched enough Youtube videos to know where I can start on that.

Once I get my second job I'll want to make a bigger and better motorized bicycle. Something I can register as a scooter and take on the highway.

My brother-in-law was talkin' to me and told me he was concerned with "mating a heavy metal (the engine) with a soft metal (the aluminum bicycle frame)." He was in robotics and he worries that the vibrations will loosen the engine from its mount. I've seen two threads on "vibrations" concerns. I plan on balancing my wheels tonight, and pricing lead shots to put in the seat tube. Any other suggestions?

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