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Default Re: REI now sells MBs

Originally Posted by scotto- View Post
I think REI is watching Bicycle Warehouse as they have been selling electric bikes for over a year now. I told BW what I was gonna do with the Felt "Slant" they sold me a year ago.....can't wait to see their jaws hit the ground when I ride this into their store.....

As well, my LBS that used to hate motorized bicycles now builds my wheelsets for my motored bicycle and are interested in having their own now. The times they are a changing.......

I hope you're right, and I'm optimistic you are. The mechanics at REI have treated me the best so far. They've made me 2 sets of wheels that are practically indestructible. They all know I ride a MB, and are nice to me when I'm in their store.

The shop where I recently bought my Deep Six treated me like dirt, after I told them I was going to motorize it. It's a local chain called Bicycles Plus. They cater to upper end bicyclers, of the snooty kind. The only reason I went there was because they were the closest Felt dealer to my house. I rode the Atomic BB to their store once, and the manager wouldn't even come out and take a look at it. Every other shop I've been to in town, whether they liked motorized bicycles or not, at least had to come out and take a look lol.

One shop that was a little more reseptive told me they have thought about motor bicycles, but were afraid of liability issues. Actually I've heard that from more than one shop.
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