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Default REI now sells motorized bicycles

Yesterday I was shopping at REI, in the bicycle department of course, and their mechanic told me they started selling ebikes.

Even though I have a very low opinion of the ebikes REI is selling, my basic reaction to this news is very positive. For one thing REI is a major player in bicycle sales. If a major player like REI decides to sell motor bicycles, all the other major player bike shops have to at the very least keep a close watch on how this plays out.

This could be the perfect storm. We have high unemployment, high gas prices, and a internet filled with superior gas powered motor bicycles. Timing is so important. If this gets any traction, more, and more people will automatically become aware of motor bicycles. Even though ebikes have a lot of drawbacks, they can still serve our purpose of making people know motor bicycles exist, and it's really a lucky break for us that the current crop of ebikes are just incompetent enough to make people search the internet for a better motor bicycle. That's when sales of gas powered motor bicycles will take off. Probably ebikes too.

I can't wait to see the look on the jerk elite bicycle shop employees faces when they're forced to start catering to motor bicycle customers.

I don't know if every store will stock them, but they're on the website. The store I was in didn't have any, but apparently it's new.

My question is, if they can sell that crap for that much, why can't someone sell China Girls for that much?

But of course the answer is some do, and I think well they should.

This is what $1300 get you.

This is what $2500 gets you.
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