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Talking Greetings from Western NY, Trailer pusher

I really need something to keep up with my Dad and his biking buddies on thier $2-3 K bikes, and or just go further than 50 miles in 2.5 hrs.
I plan on building an excellent pusher trailer that is easily swappable between bikes and very stealthy. Stealthy as here in NY any assisted kind of bike is BANNED. I have two dual passenger pull behind trailers from my kids that they outgrew, so those will provide some parts and guide me to my build. I want this to look as if its stock or just a guy pulling his groceries home.
What I have for engines are some awesome 2 strokes that varry in displacement from 70cc to 140 cc, 3- 5hp at stock rpm. They are from various snow blowers and are fan cooled, so no worry about covering them up (properly vented). With some mods and porting I can get 9-10K rpm from these and some adjustment to timing, no expansion chambers yet.
What I have for drive train is commet 5/8 symmetrical tav, 6 inch secondary, access to many sizes of #35 sprockets and 5/8 shafts and bearings. Wheels are easy to come by off of various donor bikes.
I have access to various tube steel, and some aluminum too, just gotta setup my welder to do aluminum..
If im going to do this its going to be done, clean, sturdy, and properly. Attention to detail and good planning.
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