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Default Re: Wheel/Rim covers?

Originally Posted by dragray View Post
really? they're too heavy?
i had a set on my car and they aren't heavy at all.
like i said these are for 16" wheels not 24" wheels, but they could be made to work.
They're significantly heavy for a bicycle and simply too small for a 24" wheel (20" effective bead seat diameter). Why would anyone pay $80 for stainless discs that are not only too small but also need a bunch of modifications to work? A center hole would have to be made and it would have to be just about perfectly center, then you have to deal with the fact those discs are 2" too small for the wheel all the way around. What would you do, extend them? If you did, you'd have to do a perfect job, because any mistake will throw the whole thing horribly out of balance. If you didn't extend them, then you still need to mount the thing perfectly center or else the balance issue again. There are several more issues that come to mind, but I think I've said enough.

Sorry, I just fail to see how mounting too-small moon caps on bicycle wheels is a viable solution at all, no matter how good the extra fab.

a set of 15" wheel disks will fit a set of 20" bicycle wheels beleive it or not.
oh well, i guess my opinion of cool isn't the same as everyone elses.
That's because 20" bicycle wheels have a 16" bead seat diameter. 15" discs would definitely fit and look pretty cool there

Originally Posted by d_gizzle View Post
Thanks for the info guys. I was going to get some red ones from fixcraft but they are out of stock at the moment.

Bairdco,I just might try some aluminum. I'd like to get some heavy duty vinyl for the covers.

Dragray,those look super cool but I want cool AND functionality. But maybe for kicks....
Fixcraft is out of the black ones, too. I placed an order last night and they just called me to tell me they're out
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