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Talking Re: What tools do you take with you? [pic]

Originally Posted by bairdco View Post
kat, i've had a few motors last me over 10k miles, and that's heavily modified,45+mph, but street use only.

once i started racing them, they don't last as long.

dave rust from arrow cycles put it into perspective for me.

the tracks we race on are just under a mile. 2 heat races are 6-8 laps each, with a 12 lap final. plus a lot of practice laps.

one day of racing puts at least 50 miles on my bike, all at full revs, slipped clutch, and flat out in the straights.

in a race, if it starts rattling, clanking, or anything else, i don't care as long as it makes it across the finish line.

most of the time it does. if it doesn't, oh well. since no one's invented a piston rebuilding tool, i need a bottle opener and a lighter to get through the rest of the race day.

and the bottle opener is optional...

Carry some spare pistons and related parts to the races. I use a bic lighter for a bottle opener.......

See me in the pits, I'll pop the caps off your beer bottles. Wait a minute....I've only seen you drink beer out of cans.......what's the bottle opener for?

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