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Originally Posted by Creative Engineering View Post
I checked the tooth count on the primary gearset, 20 crankshaft, 82 clutch.

ratio 4.1:1

At 21 MPH with a 36T rear and 10T front your engine should be turning 4,008RPM.

This should be well eough into the power band for it to keep climbing.

We actually had a similar problem on ours, but it had nothing to do with a sprocket ratio change.

We used non-synthetic oil and the factory plug during break-in. Right at the end of the break-in the engine would blubber at upper RPM's.

We changed to a high grade of synthetic, and an NGK B6S plug. It made a HUGE difference.

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Thanks Jim,
You might have hit the nail on the head. I ran some other gas that a friend had about the time I changed sprockets. I'll get another new plug and try it with fresh gas
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