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Default Re: Do I drill the tank?

Dan, I think using the HT as an auxiliary tank is an EXCELLENT idea. I won't have to literally prop my bike up into a tree fork trying to fill the fuel tanks, which I have to do every 20 miles or so. Having this option means being able to pull into ANY gas station, shut the petcock, add oil then gas, open the petcock and drive away.

I will have increased my driving range from a mere 20 miles to infinity. And no chance of running outa gas, no more propping up the tree fork, which is a difficult manuever for this senior citizen.

There were only a few grommets at the local Home Depot, none of them fuel-resistant. None were available at Checkers Auto or Napa; the closest grommets were for larger PCV valves for cars. Today I'll try the marine supply store.

No brass lines for me. The fuel line I bought from Checkers was dark-colored and matched the bike frame perfectly.

Everything's installed. Just waiting to determine how to plumb into the tanks.

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