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**First posting** For awhile I've seen people around Michigan with motorized bicycles and thought it was a cool idea. I've been a mountain biker for a long time though do not have any mountains around here to ride other than some rolling hills. My wife, 2 month old, and I are moving back to our college town. In an effort to save gas while leaving my wife the car I had thought about buying a scooter to make the 6ish mile ride to the university. Recently though I was looking at stuff to throw away or move in our current garage and came across my decade old Trek 8000 mountain bike.

I love this bike and have covered thousands of miles on it. As of late, though, it's been replaced by my folding Montague Paratrooper as the favored riding bike and so fallen into a lack of maintenance.

So this is where I find myself on these forums as I'd hoped to resurrect this old great bike and make it better, faster, stronger. The bike itself isn't in horrible condition other than needing a tune up, new chain, new back tire/tube, and probably new brakes if getting motorized. I'm currently leaning toward a 4 stroke engine since I'll be commuting about 6 miles away everyday.

So my questions are who should I buy a kit from (ie who is reliable/fair pricewise)? Are there any foreseeable problems that I'm clearly missing? Any recommendations/warnings?
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