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Default Re: WOW ! I thought I was on my own...

I've done loads of little jobs on this in the last couple of weeks after it failed the SVA on the back brakes, I've binned off completely the rear bicycle V brakes and had a Sturmey archer 3 speed hub and drum brake rebuilt onto a new rim, this will hopefully dissapate the heat created by the braking friction and keep the Inspector happy (where the fingers crossed Icon ? It was a bit of a headscratcher to figure out where exactly to put the gears but eventually placed them on the R/S mirror mount after making a lil bracket for it, eventually I'm going to have the gears mounted to the left of the tank like some of the vintage bikes but for now and to please the SVA people I've had to place them where I dont have to take my hands off the bars to operate them ( If you count the three gears, I now control 17 differant functions without taking my hands off the bars ! Now I've done away with one of the two chains to the back wheel by using a jackshaft I've actually got three chains to worry about now and I thought I better get some chainguards on them.
If all goes well with the shakedown run tommorow, I'll rebook the MSVA for next week.

Left an right side chainguards

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