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Default Gas Resistant O-Ring for top of NT

Hey guys, I know about the fuel resistant o-rings for the carb to intake. I'm wondering if we can get those in a size that'll fit under the top cap. You know, what you unscrew to get the slide out. That cap.

I've had a couple of carbs recently with weird air leaks even when using RTV. So I tried spraying my WD-40 around that cap, and sure enough, there were huge leaks there. (Even with the quality machining )

I thought about what the space an o-ring would require. At the most some of us will have to remove the locking nut so the adjuster will drop the difference.

So yea, can someone order up a bunch the right size to fit and dole them out to us mere mortals? For an honest price

Or at least point me in the right direction to pay $5 shipping for a $0.25 o-ring if you must

Or if not an O-ring, a flat gas resistant washer?

I don't think I'm the only one with leakage on the cap, there's so many threads where: "It just won't idle right", "It won't come down to idle", or the ol' "it revs like nuts with no throttle", etc....

What's everyone think?

Thanks in advance.
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