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Default Re: 2 stroke motorized bicycle top speed

Originally Posted by The_Aleman View Post
Back when I was a kid and my family owned a window screen shop, we bought two of the first "little" Rangers (the Ranger used to be a specific package on F100/150s) in '82, both trucks were new for '83 model year. These new Rangers had the 2.3 and C3 auto and were definitely capable of 75MPH with 500lbs in the bed. How long those craptastic C3 trannies lasted was another matter

Our screenshop had 7 different Ford Rangers from '83 to '89, none of the auto trannies lasted very long
lol Sounds like my beloved Dodge.

I voted too early, didn't read the post. I can hit about 27 flat ground, I've recently hit 35mph down hill. DAMN that was pushing it! lol
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