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Default Do I drill the tank?

Hi. I'm adding a teardrop Happy Time fuel tank to "Mr. Hyde" my dual-engined bike as an auxiliary tank to feed the 43cc Mitsubishi engines' fuel tanks. I will install a T-fitting under the tank near the tank's shutoff valve, then steel lines towards frame stem(front) and seatpost(rear). Foot-long fuel hoses will feed into the top of the tanks, so I can fill both tanks by gassing up the teardrop tank.

Having a hard time finding fuel line grommets so the new rubber lines can enter the tank.

Should I just force the new line into the existing fuel grommet that feeds the carb lines?

Or drill through the gas caps? But then the hoses are further away/exposed from the engine than I'd like them to be.

Or should I just drill through the tops of the tanks so that the fuel lines will squeeze tightly thru the new hole I just drill?

The only grommet I can find is barely larger than the fuel hose, more like a thick o-ring with a groove in it. Should I use this one?

Thanks for help.

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