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Default Re: Me and my Grubee!

Originally Posted by yeshua View Post
New to the site and motorized bike arena, rode her for the first time to work and back without the motor to get a feel for it. Turns out my alignment is off...
After tightening the rear sprocket its much closer and the crappy chain tensioner is placed better.

Thing is my chain broke in two areas when it dimantled the sprocket on the motor from work.

Whats the (Best/Strongest) chain that will fit this thing?

Pictures up soon, phones charging.
Most people here replace the china crap chain with good 410 or 415# roller chain. I used standard #420 I got from a local hardware store. It fits fine and is MUCH better quality. My engine DID have some clearance issues when I first installed it and it took about three days to quiet down but I've had no problems at all since. (over 500 miles) I've also heard 415 HD BMX chain works. I got a box of 420# for twenty bucks and did two gas engine bikes with it. Remember to buy x-tra masterlinks!
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