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Default Re: Help making a reliable motor bike for winter

Originally Posted by tooljunkie View Post
i hate to burst your bubble,i recently discovered that the gas powered bicycles are illegal in canada.its a federal law.i was disappointed to discover this,but i doubt theres any way around it.i'm goin to keep riding,but i live out and away from any major city,i will let the rcmp decide what to do when they stop me.

keep watch on the buy and sell sites like kijiji,i saw a set of winter tires for 60.00.
i am not riding in winter,i dont like falling down at a walking speed,nevermind 40 kph.
i would suspect engine will need a richer jet as weather cools down,the sealant around the wiring and maybe a little shielding to keep engine a little warmer.
i was considering throttle control from an atv,thumb throttle instead of twist grip.being canadian,our brains are 1/2 frozen in the winter,riding a bike is almost a normal thing to do.
good luck.
yea eh? damn I really want to make one, my route would be along a major street so i am bound to run into a cruiser, hopefully the cop will realize hes got better things to worry about in a city.

Any idea of the charges if any involved with ridding the bike in Ontario?

if its a small fine under 100$ It wouldnt be that big a deal really. Just want to beable to get to and from school quick and efficiently

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