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Default Re: Help making a reliable motor bike for winter

Originally Posted by Jarred93 View Post
I was wondering what can I use to substitute for the crappy plastic chain tenttioner that comes with the 80 (66cc) kits?

I was thinking about using the rear derailer gear from an old bike and drilling holes in the frame/ possibly welding to the frame to attach, and using the screws in the gear system to adjust up and down?
I replaced mine, well, just the plastic wheel with a 15 dollar lawn mower idler wheel with bearing I got at a local bearing shop.

Just look for lawn mower idler here is an example of a WONDERFUL one, as long as it isnt too big, most mower idlers will work, they are only a small fraction larger than the plastic wheel...


actually the one i am using is right here at the top of the page 280-016

All the ones i have seen have come with a 3/8" bore which is exact fit.

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