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Default Re: Help making a reliable motor bike for winter

Why do you say the clutch is no good? Your friend's may have needed adjusting, but as far as I know, the clutch isn't really an issue with these engines. Maybe if you're trying to start from a stop by using the clutch, in which case you are not supposed to do that. The bike has to be pedaled to start moving even if the engine is running.
I rode my bike in the winter without too much issue. Of course when it's slippery out, it's slippery. You aren't gonna be able to ride normally if there's ice or snow even with snow tires. The china parts aren't built to withstand the cold though. Anything 32 and below will wreck all the plastic parts. The throttle cable will begin to crack (never was really an issue) the throttle itself may break because that frozen plastic can't handle the torque, the spark plug boot may fall apart. But engine wise, it's no problem. It may take longer to start but a few minutes of running and it'll probably run even better in the cold than the hot.
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