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Default Help making a reliable motor bike for winter

Hi everyone. First time posting.

I am moving relatively close to school but it's a 45 min walk atleast so I want to make a bike to get me from point a to b without problems and one that will still hold up to Toronto winters.

I have made a kit before, one bought off eBay for 120$, it was for my friend but never worked out so well. The chain tensioner was a really bad one and fell off among other issues.

my budget is $200( with the assumption I can find a bike frame for 20-40$)
My basic questions are:

1) what is the best motor kit for around 120-160 that will hold up in -10 celsius?

2) what is the most suitable style of bike frame to do the conversion on?
3) what should I be looking for in search for a ideal bicycle?

And i guess im looking more towards a mountain bike frame with front shocks.

Thanks guys
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