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Default Re: How to prevent theft?

Originally Posted by d_gizzle View Post
Combination locks? Really? Try a Brinks cable and key lock. Let's see you break that,tough guy. Oh,and I more than know my way around a lock. All they do is keep an honest person honest. The rat that tried to steal your bike? He was a novice. I grew up dirt poor on a dirt floor and I may or may not know what I'm talking about. Combination locks-shaking my head.
I also hate combo locks, mine was a deadbolt-- dual-sided key. And I doubt I could break that Brinks setup, I can't pick a u-lock like that. Though a sharpie barrel will work on some of those ring-keys... that's why Kryptonite discontinued them. The plastic is just soft enough to deform correctly, and just strong enough to turn the lock.

I'm definitely interested in a super-beefy cable lock, because I'm hoping to build a monster ebike from scratch after I graduate and move-- weld up compartments for everything in the frame with my dad, he'd love the project-- and even though I expect it to weigh nearly 100lb's, it'll cost at least $2,500 (My car was $900! I have good priorities...) and I simply can't let it get stolen. But a U-lock won't fit in the modified frame I'm scheming and sketching. I'll remember that Brinks lock =) Or I'll coat a chain like the one I have-- identical to this one-- so it doesn't scratch my frame. And I'll definitely have a wheel lock...

Although... with an ebike, I could install a hidden always-on GPS tracker in one of the compartments... it'd cost at least $100, but with a 3kwh battery it'd last forever and the drain would be insignificant! I can an inline, custom DC-DC adapter with Anderson powerpoles from LYEN for cheap, it'd be easy to do...! =D
Edit: first GSM-based live gps tracker I found uses 5.4 watts. The smallest battery pack I'm considering-- ~2.2kwh-- would run that for over 17 days =) I think I'm okay with that level of drain =)

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