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Default Re: How to prevent theft?

Do not use a cable lock.

Do not use a cable lock. Please. Don't do it. I'm sure there are thick ones out there, but just don't bother. I can break a combination cable-lock in less than a minute with no tools and I'm not a thief. I just had some prankster lock up a cable lock onto the front grill of my car...

A good U lock will stand bolt cutters, but not an angle grinder. Not even the oft-mentioned kryptonite fahgettaboudit can stand up.

I have a huge 12lb hardened steel chain and mini-u from Harbor Freight, $10 on sale for both, regularly $12 IIRC. Woke up at 4:30AM and heard the chain banging against the apartment stairwell, took me at least a minute to get outside and the rat ran into his truck and peeled out before I could do anything. He was going to town on the lock but he barely nicked it, although he did bend it enough to make it impossible to unlock without a hammer:

I trust U locks, but I saw a thief on campus last year grab a cable lock and literally just pull it apart and ride away... super cheap locking mechanism just broke when he pulled on it.

But mine survived!
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