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Default Seriously, I had a dream...

I dreamt last night I was riding my bike. It ran perfectly; really smooth and I could feel the wind. The bikes throttle and I were one. I'd turn that thing and zoom, of she'd go. It was a wonderful feeling.

Then toward the end of the dream, an invisible fire began. People were yelling at me up and down the street. I looked down and all around and couldn't see what the fuss was about.

Out of the corner of my eye, the bottom corner, I caught a glimpse of thin blue flame, just visible. I looked for a suitable landing point and soon found it in a neighbors yard up the street.

I sped over the grass and quickly I jumped, dropped and rolled. looking behind me I saw the bike engulfed. The flames were still nearly transparent and blue. I walked up to my neighbor and noticed, leaning against the house, was an exact copy of my bike.

I felt some joy and a lot of pride that he'd copied my machine. Then I awoke.

I can't wait to get her tuned up, just like in my dream.
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