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Default Re: what did you do to your motor bike today?

That's not really surprising about the cager yelling at you about your "smoky" engine, while driving a big gas-hog truck. America is full of people who are very full of propaganda about cars and very insensitive to reality about how engines work. They think their big SUVs (Selfish Urban Vanity) fart roses because it's "EPA approved" and a 4 stroke, while yours is evil witchcraft because it's a 2 stroke or "doesn't belong on a bicycle". lol.

I have had some nasty looks about my Dax bike, but I can stand next to the muffler and talk over it at all but full roar. I can't even stand the chemical smell from crapalytic converters on a basic v6 pickup. MABs are awesome.

Yeah, the mexican gangs are horrible, and there's a bunch of them, probably all I can say about that without my post getting fumigated by the moderators.

You're probably looking for Serrano peppers.
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