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Default Re: what did you do to your motor bike today?

Originally Posted by happycheapskate View Post
Tyler sure is pretty, but it's hard to bike out there. It seems with all the roadies, people are starting to get a clue, but sometimes they still will send you reeling just with the wind off their cagermobiles. And the dogs out there are even worse hellhounds than what is running around here. Good luck!

It's fun to look up road bicycle racing routes and run them on bicycles. I don't know how they will do with riding around on event days. Some would probably like it, especially if you're an official volunteer or something. Some would cuss you and probably call police when they got their skirts ruffled.
Most of the roadies are d-bags even when you are riding a straight pedal bike. I acknowledge all bikers regardless of what they ride. They are on two wheels, so they're cool with me.
But very few respond. Pretty annoying if you ask me. I guess because I am not a roadie. (I ride a 69 Western Flyer 3 speed when I am not gas biking)
The Tyler drivers are jerks too. Even to people that drive large pickups (such as myself) they really don't care about the safety of others. Their the main reason why I stay off main roads on my bikes and use my neighborhood and the bike trail thats a minute away from my house. One type of driver I do like are the motorcyclists. If you are on two wheels they nod. I've gotten lots of nods when I am on my gasbike. It's kinda funny really.
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