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Default Re: Amsoil ratio question

Originally Posted by JonD View Post
I'm new to these bike motors, but I've been a 2 stroke outboard boat motor mechanic for 12 years... You can lean out your oil mix a little bit with better oil but I don't know how much I would lean this motor out. The cylinder is very soft aluminum and built nothing as strong as a snowmobile which has steel sleeves that can take the wear of a leaner mix. I'm personally not going to go much leaner than 16;1 when my motor is broken in. These china motors don't burn much fuel so they won't use very much oil at all even if you do run on a rich mix.
Oil type matters a lot, too. You can easily run a full-synthetic in these engines at 50:1. I would never run as much at 16:1. That's way too much. Maybe if you're using regular motor oil or something, but that's completely unnecessary with two-stroke oil. They're also not just bare aluminum cylinders, they're usually chrome lined.
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