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Default Re: 2 stroke motorized bicycle top speed

"out of the box" is hard, because kits and bikes vary-

But a little faster than several yerars ago- even comparing 66 kits, which now have either usually a 66 Speed carb or CNS- for more power

and often a smaller than 44 sprocket-

I voted 25-26 which in hindsight is maybe what my cruiser did with beach tires, a 44 sprock and old 50 cc NT standard carb and intake

I get a good 30 cruise with narrow wheels, billet intake, Speed carb and 34 sprock. It will exceed 35 but I haven't pushed it there- and that's with 8 inch rise BMX bars, sitting normally. That's confirmed on the analog speedo which might be reading low for 26" tires and not the 27 wheels I have on.

But I've drafted a semi truck at 60mph on 250 gram seta sew-up tires, so it is niente....

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