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Default Re: does anyone keep there bike in the house?

I had two of them in my upstairs one bedroom apartment! There was a gas station a block away, so I generally kept the tanks- and they are the the smaller motorized bicycle tanks- on the low side- If you close the valves down and they aren't full otherwise, there is usually not much of a smell-

they're in a back bedroom where I live now- I may eventually put at least one out in the garage with the scooter, but I can tinker with them back there, and it is sooo much better to just wheel them out the door and not have to push them up and down a flight of stairs!

I still never keep them more than about 3/4 tank- both have two gas shutoff valves- and I keep a gallon to refil out in the garage. If I ever smell them much- I think I'm running too much 2 cycle oil, and I vent the room

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