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Default Re: before and after

These bikes look well built and designed to look like you want them to. I just wonder if you could ride them any distance comfortably and safely. I have ridden bicycles up to 330 miles in a day and worked with riders who could do 500 miles in a day. Now when you put those kind of numbers up the bicycle is no stylized toy but a real tool for fitness and transportation. I look at these bikes and don't think I could ride more than around the block with them unless they were motorized.
Check some of these records out, one still in the books by my buddy Jim Elliott who was the first person to ride over 500 miles in 24 hours. I supported him when he raced to 3rd place in Race Across America RAAM in about 10 1/2 days coast to coast. A former business partner built the frame for Michael Seacrests 24 hour record drafting behind a big rig truck at Phoenix Internantional Raceway to 1216.81 miles / 50.70mph.
Ultracycling: UMCA 12 and 24 Hour Cycling Records
Now that I think about it your around the block FSC bikes make as much sense and maybe more than the ones I have been involved in.
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