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Found it. I have read every single one of the vendor installation manuals offered up that I could find, and I determined that I am an idiot. Step 25 on page 19 of the instructions for the "LiveFastMotors" says:

"Reach into the space below the clutch lever and
spin the small chain sprocket with your finger.
If it doesn't spin, it may be stuck after sitting in
the box for a time. Using gentle force, apply
back and forth pressure until the sprocket moves."

and also Step 4 from Bicycle-Engines:

"Basics of clutch operation: The clutch lever pulls the cable that moves the clutch arm. In turn the clutch arm pushes a rod through the motor that pushes the clutch plate. ( similar to a car clutch.) Releasing the clutch lever engages the engine torque to the drive chain. The clutch allows engine to start, and engage or disengage engine torque to the drive chain. When the bike is in the pedal mode the handle bar clutch lever is locked inward in the catch notch. The bike then operates in default as it would without any engine."

It makes perfect sense to me now. I really wish that I was as intuitive as the rest of you folks.

As for the 250cc, I was merely kidding, I guess sarcasm is a little difficult to see or sense through the internet. 4AM now, time for sleep.
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