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Default Re: Peanut tank with a friction drive

Originally Posted by Greybeard View Post
You can put a nipple on the fuel cap(enlarge the vent hole) of the built in tank, and hook a line from the peanut tank into it. It will then use the fuel in the peanut tank first, and then use the original tank's fuel when the peanut tank empties. Another way would be to seal the vent hole of the engine mount tank, and a T fitting into the fuel line.
I think I get it....that way there will be gas in the original tank but also in the peanut tank. Sort of like not replacing the tank, just expanding it. I wonder if I can get a gas cap that will fit the original tank so not to sacrifice the original gascap incase I want to go back to using only the on board tank. What size/kind of nipple should I be looking for?
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