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thanks for the info shwnrttr!
This is the kit i bought
I have bought a 36T sprocket and wont be on the NOS too much (purchased a kit last night) Moreso for a few of the inclines on the way to work - im aiming to get at least a few months out of the engine - if it goes it gives me an excuse for a 4 stroke build.
I purchased an air filter/spark plug and a few other small things that should hopefully help the engine breathe better.
I have a had a long look through some interesting threads and will definitely tackle match porting and polishing.
With the boost bottle, the kit was for a 60/80cc motor, but from experience does two bottles for this displacement actually increase anything? or am i better using 1 - or better yet fiddling around and testing how many actually work?
I havent purchased the bike yet as i want to make sure that the motor fits in nice and properly, the frame isnt too big/heavy and i get the right bike for the job - what is the best size rim for a good balance between accel - power? Does the type of tyre make that much difference (apart from a road bike which im assuming would yield more speed?) moreso between a BMX/mountain bike tyre.
And one last question (sorry to bombard you guys with these) im assuming that the gears on the bike wont make any difference as i will not be using them? would a bike with less gears be better - less weight/moving parts?

Cheers guys!
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