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Well with hiccups all along the way, I had the bike completely assembled, everything hooked up to the best of my knowledge... Then I tried to disengage the clutch and go for a test ride but was unable to disengage it. I pull the clutch handle, the clutch actuator moves, and the back wheel still turns over the engine. I noticed that on top of the .. I don't know what to call it so how about "the thing with a hole in it that the clutch cable is threaded through with a nut on the bottom" has a nut on the bottom of it that looks like it may or not be a clutch adjustment. Just curious if that could be a solution.

(Thanks to Dax)

While asking a friend how he thought the clutch actuator worked, he squeezed the clutch and the brass piece, the spring and the spring shield shot off into oblivion never to return. Tomorrow's journey is to fix what has been lost and try again. This has been almost the most painful, time consuming, addictive hobby I have ever had. Just thinking to myself... I sold my car for this?

BTW: will a honda 250cc engine fit on one of these?

I finally called my brother in San Marcos, asked him to go by Tractor Supply, and yes the 41 Chain fits like a dream, but the chain break tool is freaking expensive. Any ideas, thoughts, or comments are welcome. Thanks for reading.
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