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Default Re: what did you do to your motor bike today?

Originally Posted by guttermonkiey8467 View Post
hi everyone im working on my first build and im having problems with sputtering plug,cdi are good i notice that when it starts the fuel filter is foamy going to try to replace and mount to the frame. im thinking that vibration is causing air to get in the fuel and making it cut out
Probably not foamy gas. By the time it hits the float bowl it settles down a lot. Since I can't hear it run I can only guess at a couple of things it might be.
First, Make real sure you're getting a good seal on your intake. A simple way to do this is to dribble (just a very little) water on both ends of the intake tube. If it takes down the idle or kills it then you have a air leak.
The carbs on these things are the cheapest carb the chinese could find. If it's running rich then all yer gonna get out of it is 4 stroking and sputtering. You can try a smaller jet size but the best way is to simply get a better carb for it. Personally, I'm poor folk (can't afford a good carb,) so I hafta screw around with jet sizes and needle adjustments.
Another thing you might try that works for me almost every time as far as performance goes. Take out the baffle and see what happens. The stock exhaust is way too restricted. In fact, TRY THIS FIRST. Simply unscrew it from the bottom of the exhaust and pop it out. It will get loud so don't do it at midnight. If this helps then you should get a good expansion chamber for it. Like I said, I'm poor folk so I just run mine loud and proud, But I've never failed to see at least a little, usually a big, performance increase by removing the baffle.
Try these and get back to us, we'll figure it out one way or another.
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