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Default Re: 2 stroke motorized bicycle top speed

Originally Posted by 2door View Post
75 MPH. Confirmed by GPS and my Ford Ranger's speedometer on I-70.

I have to know... what tires/wheels do you have? That's really impressive speed without a shift-kit or chamber or any other mods. Bet it pulls out from the stops really nicely =) I don't recognize the carb either. Did you just port it and that's it?

My top speed out of the box was 24/25, after a proper jet it was 28. Switching to a 36t from a 44t only got me up to 29-- but removing my muffler cap got me up to 34. Going down a 30 grade hill at WOT only gets me up to 35. I know I have some significant drag somewhere I just don't know where. I'm guessing it's my wheel hubs/40psi tubes.

The stock exhaust I had was really, really, really restrictive. Nothing I did made a more significant improvement than removing that cap. Of course it's too loud without it, that's why I'm putting an SBP chamber on it. But with the cap on, it takes a full 30 seconds (timed!) to get up to top speed. Without it I accelerate faster than most cars.

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