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Default Hellooo!

Hey guys,
Through looking for alternate routes to work as my car is fairly expensive to run/want to keep low km etc i have purchased my first bike motor.
It should arrive any day now - cost 170 from Australia.
Got an 80cc engine, also purchased a 'twin boost bottle' setup (interesting if this works/well) a custom sprocket (smaller for better power) some fiberglass wrap for the exhaust, and a few accessories like torch/spedometer etc.

Through looking at youtube vids and pages of info, im expecting to get a good 50-60km out of it (not sure how much the sprocket affects top speed for power, hopefully doesnt take too much off). Is this about correct?

Also very interested in a sweet nos setup, want to get as much reliable speed out of this thing as possible without shortening the engine life to rebuild/replacement every other month.

I was wondering what else can i do to the motor to get it running smoother/more power. How hard is it to do the head on it? Apprentice mechanic so i have a good mechanical knowledge, although admittedly none on 2 strokes.

Thanks and hope to get this thing up and running nicely to get to work on time!
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