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Default Re: Newbie about to build

Originally Posted by whosworkinthegrill View Post
Thank you for all the welcoming! Here are some pics. as you can see nothing is assembled (the surf has been good) but I will start on it tomorrow. Its my first time so It will prolly be a slow go. I hope you like it.
Whos, LOL! there is so much right about that post! surfs up. Ya see so many folks rush threw their first build. Taking the time to get to know your new baby and every inch of her and what is good, bad and "next one I am gonna..." is the way. In about 6 months you will be trying to get new folks to slow down and enjoy this part.

I just realized that we all on our first build, refer to it as "first" like it is a given there will be more. hmm, that is the first sign of addiction, aywut?

That is gonna be about beautiful! Really good choice on platform. I just found out there is a way to make the top tube your gas tank. Takes time, but man they are unbelievable!!

I look forward to the pics. She is gonna be sweet! What are you naming her?

Post script; I am starting a new build for the winter contest that has me as, if not more excited as my first ChinaGurl. The tank is the top tube, 4 stroke and a grubee reduction gear! But your bike is gonna give me a run for the money in the contest. (winter build contest.There is no real money, just motorized bicycle cash and valuable, none tangible prizes)
worst apocalypse ever

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