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Default Re: These guys aren't lying...

Originally Posted by frogbiscuit View Post
Everything that they said would happen to my 66cc HT did, and I was forewarned. Thanks for this forum, and you guys with all your info. It has been invaluable.
When I first lurked on this sight a few short years ago, I immediately saw its value too. Because of these gentlemen and ladies here ahead of me, I have reason to believe I've spared myself considerable amounts of trouble.

After reading about what a hassle the rag joint was, I never even used it on my first build. I've had a hub adapter from the beginning. I also learned just how important it is to have your chain "tensioner" (if you need one) mounted very, VERY securely. I learned where to find good front engine mount adapters for oversize down tubes. I learned the best way to tune an NT Speed carburettor.
And since then, with my second build, I've brazed together a custom tank, fabricated custom light fixtures, done port matching, installed copper fuel line and a cool old-school fuel filter, and on and on.
And where did I learn to do all this - right here. Sure, I could have maybe figured it out on my own, with lots of research. But it's so much easier having the exact information you're looking for all gathered into one place. And it's been tested in the field, by these members. Great advice, great bunch of people, great forum!

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