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Default Re: I Need A New Seat!!!!!!!!!

I recently got a seat from Brooks. They've been in the seat and saddle business since 1866. I've gone for a good long ride -- 22 km, and no discomfort. Springs really take the bumps, and the leather seat conforms so you don't have "pressure points" to create saddle sores.

Here's a link, but I have to say, the angle they took this picture makes it look kinda excessively bulky in back. It doesn't really look this way in person.

Brooks England Shop online

Here's how mine looks:

And on my bike...

If you don't like the cost of this one, there is a similar seat for $30 or $40 bucks available...I think it's called rideable reproductions, or something like that. I wasn't happy with mine, though, and ordered the Brooks.

I'm a big fan, though, of sprung seats like these.

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