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Default Re: Is a jerky ride at slow speeds normal?

It would help if we knew what engine/drive you have. If, it is a Chinese in-frame two stroke here's some advice.

How slow is "slow speeds"? Just like any vehicle with a manual transmission, if you try to go too slow the engine will buck. If you want to ride under about 8 to 10 MPH then you should disengage the clutch (squeeze the handlebar lever) and pedal. 10 MPH seems to be about the normal minimum speed for a chain drive 2 stroke.

Check your chain tension and alignment. Too loose and the chain can try to 'wrap' around the engine drive sprocket. This noise could also be a result of your low speed with the clutch engaged. You'll want 1/2 to 3/4" of slack in the chain. No more, no less.

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