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Default Re: Making a Harbor Freight engine look vintage/antique?

Originally Posted by wolf-jr View Post
Mr. B, that bike looks amazing. I like the motor a lot and the whole setup too, great job!
Yeah Mr B's bike is hands down the nicest, and by far the most detailed bike on this site IMO. If you havent read his full build thread id highly recommend it.

Id never seen this thread, obviously its an old thread. And in hindsight we know that these motors can safely be tilted, so has anyone really pulled off the antique engine look? I know someone previously mentioned a Honda build that was very detailed, im presuming that would be the Dixie Flyer build?

Obviously the Dixie Flyer uses a GC 160 but im sure some of the improvements could be carried out on the GX variety engines.

Im definitely interested as ive had a Honda GX160 for over a year, however i only just bought a CVT for it (2 actually but thats another story LOL) so im now thinking of using it for a build.
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