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Default Re: Alternative Spoke Wrench

Originally Posted by shwnrttr View Post
just a warning about the wheel bearings in theses genesis. im already having front wheel bearing problems and i have even put an engine on it yet. although i do ride 30-60 miles a day, yah i know im crazy. i started getting a popping noise from front hub. upon further inspection i noticed small flat spots on the ball bearings. im looking in to converting the unsealed hubs to sealed. il make a thread if have any success
I have a set of 36 spoke rims from a Genesis 29er mountain bike. When I get some money saved (not from turning in pop bottles BTW), I'm going to have them laced up with heavier gauge spokes and either add a second disc or put a moped drum brake on the front. I also have a Sturmey-Archer S2C rear that I'd like to have laced into the rear one for 2 speed shifterless pedaling.

I doubt any of this will make it onto the Onyx, but I have a couple other frames for future projects that would look good with bigger tires. I'm thinking 48 spokes with friction drive and front and rear rim brakes will be good enough for a first build on this one. The friction drives and rim brakes don't stress the spokes like hub brakes and drives do.

I'm going to my LBS for a set of grips today, I'll take the Onyx front rim with me and ask them if they have any better bearings that will fit it.

If your Genesis is an Onyx and you're not planning on using the rear fender, would you care to sell it ?

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