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Default Re: Who rides to work?

I ride mostly racing toys but i hop around alot so everthing blow around the same time sadly

I rebuild cbr250r/cr500 about ever 8-9weeks or 6500km and ever other rebuild i do crank and tranny barrings and seals and gaskets

i don't own a car

my sled i get about 4-5hours of wot water crossing or high speed runs or a full day of hard trail riding to crank also it gets about 1/2 a mile to the gallon of a methol nitro castor blend (more nitro bigger jets and fual pressure less hours to the crank lol

the top end seems to take the power and not ware much or break but the cranks always bend and cause crazy vibs

im building a crazy motorized bicycle right now so i can save on money

i don't think i could ever trust a motorized bicycle crapy chain and aliment to my job but i could for my school lol
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